a look into the future

  • Weekly magazine for Innovation and Future covering a wide range of topics of our times
  • SKULD is a window to everything that matters – now and in the future - „a look into the future“
  • Exciting reports, features and exceptional documentaries take viewers into fascinating worlds
  • Topics ranging from innovation, sustainability, mobility, health, all the way to lifestyle & entertainment, and tourism
  • After the launch in 2019, well over 100 timeless SKULD episodes have been made available for immediate license - with new episodes being added every week

The name SKULD:

The good sister for everything that is yet to come -
In the medieval mythology of the Nordic countries,
three ghostly sisters take care of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

One of the elfin beings bears the name SKULD –
and takes care of leading what has been started into the future.
Responsibility and diligence are firmly anchored in this role.

This makes the name of the mysterious sister almost unrivaled
for the name of a newly developed, international TV magazine:
an invisible, yet convincing figurehead.