• „…health conscious“: strong interest in work-life-balance / play sports several times a week / wellness- and health travel /  frequently take advantage of wellness opportunities
  • „…high income earners“: predominantly male (60%) / 30-50 years / well educated / fully employed / hold professional jobs / upper middle class families
  • “...modern and open-minded“: conscious about modern appearance / regular shoppers / high intensity e-commerce users / consumption- and value-orientated
  • “…explorers“: active and interested /  want to see & experience new things / strong interest in personal travel, new innovative products, and future-related topics / regular readers
  • “…connected“: extremely pronounced media- and consumption behavior - triple-play internet use, at least 1 hour daily and more / high mobile usage / extensive device ownership
  • “…mobile“: above average holder of a drivers license and at least one car in the household / strong interest in purchasing a new car / high interest in new mobility solultions

Summary: Regardless of location, the SKULD target group is characterized by high professional qualifications and intensive and demanding consumer and media behavior. SKULD viewers are socially well-connected, mobile, open-minded, and value- and future-orientated.