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Innovation for Tomorrow

New SKULD Section

Innovation is not a fixed goal, but an ongoing process of renewal. Only those who are always curious and adapt to challenges will have lasting success in the market. This is proven by all companies that are successful with a dynamic culture. Constantly renewed structures and a strong curiosity for research, development, and design make them innovative pioneers. This special section presents exceptional developers and decision-makers who are preparing a piece of the future with their companies' new solutions and products. Innovation for tomorrow!

Advantages: Your topic in "Innovation for Tomorrow

  • Targeted topic setting for your content
  • Global media presence in an attractive editorial environment
  • Strengthening of international brand communication
  • Fixed broadcast commitments for your topic (planning security)
  • Emotionalization of your desired core messages
  • Guaranteed, high media contacts and an assured PR value
  • Individual media evaluation by the independent partner IRIS

SKULD broadcast area 2024

Following its 2019 launch in South/North America, SKULD is now broadcast in over 170 countries.

SKULD target group profile

  • "Health-conscious": strong interest in work-life balance, active sports and fitness; frequently use wellness offers.
  • "High income earners": more likely to be male (60%) / 30-50 years old / well-educated / skilled occupations.
  • "modern and open-minded": attach importance to a neat appearance / quality-conscious / regular e-commerce users
  • "Explorers": active and interested, willing to travel and be sociable / strong interest in future topics
  • "connected": very intensive media and product consumption / triple play / lots of communication via the Internet
  • "mobile": high attention to mobility issues / intensive use of all transport routes


Summary: Regardless of location, the SKULD target group is characterized by high professional qualifications and shows consumer and media behavior that is both intensive and demanding. They are socially well-connected, mobile, open-minded, and value- and future-oriented.

Source: Intelligent Research in Sponsoring GmbH (IRIS) | Haid-und-Neu-Strasse 7 | 76131 Karlsruhe | www.iris.sport

Trailer: "Innovation for Tomorrow"

Examples (extract):

Contributions that have already been produced ready for broadcast can also be integrated into the editorial program. The prerequisite is close coordination at an early stage.

Media data per broadcast for your topic

(at 40% perception)







Average reach (viewers)

Media contacts for your topic (at 40% perception) PR value for your topic (at 40% perception)
DACH-Region 3 85 1,96 Mill. approx. 25 Mill. approx. 0,25 Mill. €
Europa 47 406 4,62 Mill. approx. 90 Mill. approx. 0,9 Mill. €
Worldwide 173 1.403 11,67 Mill. approx. 220 Mill. approx. 2,2 Mill. €

Source: Intelligent Research in Sponsoring GmbH (IRIS) | Haid-und-Neu-Strasse 7 | 76131 Karlsruhe | www.iris.sport


Note: The number of actual media contacts and the PR value per broadcast turn out significantly higher overall. If only DACH communication is desired for your topic, the media data for the DACH region also includes the placement of the content on other TV stations and on online platforms outside the SKULD magazine. Each SKULD customer later receives an individual, external media evaluation by the media service provider IRIS for their topic. Only 40 percent perception is ever taken into consideration.

Case Study: Media Analysis SKULD-Episode

„21st Energy Globe World Award“

- Cologne, July 2021 -

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